Our Teachers

Our teachers are STA qualified.

photo Kate Lowe

I am Mum and Stepmum to 5 children, so I have lots of experience to draw on when it comes to teaching your little one. I first discovered baby swimming with my last baby, after going through dragging some of the others kicking and screaming to the pool I decided that I would do things differently. So, I enrolled in a baby swim class when my little boy was just 10 weeks old. I thoroughly enjoyed the closeness of being in the water with him and although I was shaking inside I was so proud when he took his first underwater swim. I was amazed at how quickly he progressed and the huge amount of confidence he built through going to class every week. We continued to attend our weekly class and learnt some vital safety skills and eventually a basic swim stroke. Most importantly he learnt what he should do if he ever fell into water, he is now a very confident, independent swimmer and I never have to drag him to the pool, its usually the other way around now!

I loved the classes so much I felt that I could help other parents give their children what I had been able to. So, as I had experience as a sports coach I decided that I would train as a swim teacher and start teaching little ones what my little boy had learnt. I went on to work for an international franchise company for several years where I have honed my skills and have taught hundreds of little ones from a few weeks old until they are ready to start school. 

I am now delighted to be working with Swimbabies-R-us continuing to pass on my knowledge and passion for baby swimming, helping lots more parents become confident and their children become safe, independent little swimmers.